Thom Breault
Gaucherie, Hedon Bleue

Hand-numbered 1 of 50

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A compendium of diaristic and experimental writing, design, and photography – Gaucherie presents and expands the first eight volumes of the Fake Books series by artist and designer Thom Breault.

Features 104 pages of writings and images by the artist. 

Perfect Bound Book
Soft Cover, 5” x 6.5”
Full Colour

Scott Pilgrim

Book #2
Hand-numbered 1 of 100

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Images from December 2021

A modern take on the zine, Mexico showcases a look at Mexico City & Guadalajara, through the lens of photographer Scott Pilgrim.

Features 190 pages of new work, including 165+ unreleased photographs and writings from the artist. 

Perfect Bound Book
Soft Cover, 6” x 8.25”
Full Colour

Scott Pilgrim
Studio Selects One
12 Pack of Posters

Hand-numbered 1 of 200

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A collection of twelve 19” x 25” posters, featuring select works from 2009 - 2019.

Inspired by old magazine posters Studio Selects One aims to re-contextualize how an audience purchases large format art.

Each package in this release comes hand numbered and signed by the artist.
Originally sold as part of a collaboration with Montréal’s The Letter Bet.

Printed on Supreme Silk Text 230m